Food & Artisans of Venice
This tour will take you into the backstreets of Venice, away from the crowds and into the spaces where real Venetian artisans live, work, and eat! Visit a Renaissance textile workshop, a glassblowing studio and more as you hop from intimate workspaces to bustling markets and hole in the wall eateries as you learn the history of Venetian cuisine and experience the city from an insider's perspective.

This tour takes three to four hours for €80 per hour plus the cost of tastings.

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Bacaro Food Tour of Venice  

Everyone knows that Venice has streets made of water, but how many have heard of the Venetian bacaro? These little traditional bars dotted around the city have just one or two tables in a small place so they naturally become places of meeting as well as eating. Enjoy a glass of wine and numerous little, delicious bites called "cicchetti" (similar in style to Spanish tapas) while learning the stories behind the recipes and the history of the food that tells the story of Venice herself. This tour, led by a food historian, is sure to be an enlightening (and tasty!) highlight.
This tour can be two to three hours for a maximum of 6 people at €80 per hour. Cost of tastings are additional and payable directly at each tasting stop.

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Secrets of Venice  
Venice has two faces: one a mask, raucous and colorful and below this, well hidden, her true face, mysterious and fascinating. Leave behind the crowded streets full of tourists and souvenirs to discover more authentic and beautiful neighborhoods in a tour adapted to your interests. You'll discover the origins of Venice's Republic and how she conquered the Mediterranean while exploring hidden corners, unique and spectacular architecture.

This tour is €80 per hour and lasts 3 hours.

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