Sip a spritz at one of these spectacular rooftop bars in Rome… it’s magic. Are these the best cocktails in the world? Not necessarily. Are they overpriced? Absolutely! But that’s not what you care about when you go to a rooftop bar in Rome. You want a nice drink, a little bit of glamor and a stunning view of Rome’s magical skyline that will blow you away. Working as a guide in Rome, I started to get addicted to the grand finale effect of ending a tour on the top of one of these incredible spots where we could sit back, chat about the things we’d seen and enjoy Rome in all her splendour. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Me, Lauren, rooftopping in Rome.

View of Trevi Fountain

at Relais Trevi Fountain

This teeny, tiny rooftop is big enough for just a few tables and it’s tucked away into a corner on the Relais Trevi Fountain Hotel. However if you get that front table, THIS is your view:

Looking straight down on Trevi Fountain from Relais Trevi Fountain Rooftop
Prosecco and Bene Bag at Relais Trevi Fountain

And if you’re seated a little farther back, it still ain’t bad and you can enjoy your drink without having people reach over your head to take pictures all night 😉

If you’re not at that front table, your view is still beautiful

View of St. Peter’s basilica Dome

Residenza Paolo VI

When you stumble out of your Vatican tour at St. Peter’s and just can’t wait to sit down, this is the hidden rooftop that is not only the closest place you can reach, it’s got to be the closest view of St. Peter’s Basilica you can find.

Plus their drinks are good and well priced.

And you also get a great view of the other buildings in Piazza San Pietro like the old papal residence (slightly blocked by the Papal flag in the picture below). While the pope doesn’t live here now, he does the Angelus blessing from the second window on the right every Sunday at noon.

360 degree view of Rome Skyline & St. Peter’s Basilica

at Les Etoiles Rooftop of Hotel Atlante Star

One of my favourite rooftops ever, this view is absolutely sensational and the pictures just don’t do it justice. You can see so many details of St. Peter’s Basilica it feels like you’re almost on top of it. 360 degrees of beauty. There is a lower garden level where you can also order snacks and also an upper level surrounded by flowering plants.

No view like the one from the rooftop of Hotel Atlante star, Rome
A spritz at Hotel Atlante Star
Rooftop view of St. Peter’s Basilica at hotel Atlante Star
Love all the garden details at Hotel Atlante Star

View of Piazza Navona

La Grande Bellezza Rooftop at Hotel Eitch Borromini

You’re sitting directly on top of the Church of St. Agnes designed by Borromini in Piazza Navona with 360 degree views of the Roman skyline. The view of Piazza Navona is better observed from the restaurant a little further down but the rooftop is beautiful and you get a 360 degree view over Rome. While the cocktails here are some of the most expensive I’ve found in the city (ahem, €25 for a spritz that will cost you €5 at the local bar) it’s a special experience. Book in advance, this is definitely a hot spot.

View over Bernini’s Fountain. This is from the lower restaurant level and not visible from the upper rooftop bar, though you pass it on your way up.
360 degree views at Eitch Borromini
View over Piazza Navona at Eitch Borromini
La Grande Bellezza at Eitch Borromini

View of the Pantheon

Minerva Roof Garden at Grand Hotel de la Minerva

This is one of my favourite rooftop bars in the city. The views are incredible and the monuments you can see feel so close. Price tag also a little better than some of the other ones.

View of the Pantheon from Grand Hotel de la Minerve
View over Piazza Venezia from Grand Hotel de la Minerve
Rooftop bar at Grand Hotel de la Minerve

View of Piazza Venezia and Trajan’s Column

NH Collection Roma Fori Imperiali

This hotel has numerous locations in Rome but I think you’ll agree that this one has to have the best rooftop of them all.

The Terrace of NH Collection overlooking Piazza Venezia from Trip Advisor

View of Santa Maria Maggiore

Terrazza dei Papi at Mecenate Palace Hotel

Somewhat strange garden-y furniture but it’s just enough off the beaten track that you won’t find many people here and the prices are a little better.

The view of Santa Maria Maggiore church from Hotel Mecenate, Rome
Prosecco at Hotel Mecenate, Rome
A spritz sandwich at Hotel Mecenate, Rome

View over Roman Rooftops Near Spanish Steps

Casina Valadier

Set in Villa Borghese, just getting to this location, you will enjoy numerous amazing views. call in advance to get a table on the terrace overlooking Rome’s rooftops but if you sit on the side or in the back you’ll still have a view of the leafy green Borghese gardens.

Terrace of Casina Valadier, Rome. From:
Terrace of Casina Valadier, Rome. From:

View of the Colosseum

The court at Palazzo Manfredi

Cheating, since this isn’t a rooftop but it feels like it. Directly in front of you are the ruins of the Ludus Magnus where gladiators trained to compete in the Colosseum that rises up in the distance. Cocktails are also delicious and creative and the snacks they serve were great compared to many others in Rome.

The Court Loung overlooking the Colosseum. Photo:

Other incredible rooftops in the long list

  • Hotel Forum: Near the Roman Forum and Colosseum (pic below)
  • Hotel Raphael: Next to Piazza Navona. View of Piazza Navona
  • Bernini Bristol: Overlooking Piazza Barberini next to Via Veneto but the bar is in the back so you have to enjoy the view for a few minutes then they shoo you back to drinks
  • Hotel Martis: Right next to Piazza Navona and usually empty (shh)
  • Rinascente: The close to the Trevi Fountain, they have a big rooftop and right downstairs serve
  • Zuma: Close to Spanish Steps, Serve Sushi
  • OTIVIM Hotel Bar: Near Piazza Venezia. Amazing view of the Campidoglio though when I went the drinks were odd. (pic below)
Hotel Forum Rooftop
Otivim Bar


  1. How did you manage to get an empty Casina Valadier? Loved the pictures, Lauren, drinks et al. Are any of those hotels worth staying at? Thanks for the remembrances of the Piazza Navona.

    • That photo I swiped from their website 🙂 Cause you’re right I’ve never found it empty! The Hotel Minerva is really lovely inside and so is Palazzo Manfredi with the Colosseum view! The others I don’t know as well apart from their glorious rooftops. Looking forward to visiting them again soon I hope!

  2. All this work is amazing ! Brava !