UPDATE: Starting in 2024, Lauren & Luca are working exclusively in Florence and Tuscany! We are no longer booking Rome tours on an individual basis. However, if you opt in for one of our Trip Planning packages, we will book tours all over Italy as fits your trip. Check out our Trip Planning services to book tours in Rome, Venice, Amalfi coast & More.

Below are some of our best selling private tours in Florence with options for customisation. At the bottom of the page are 1 hour tour additions where you can mix and match to create your own tour. Choose your favourites or use these suggestions as a jumping off point to create a tour experience customized entirely to you and your group.

Cost of tours are €95 per hour (per group not per person). Entry tickets are additional and listed below.

Walking Tour of Venice & Gondola Ride

Tour details

  • This tour lasts 3 hours with a 30 minute Gondola ride
  • Tour cost: €285 + €80 Gondola ride (fit up to 5 pax)

Tour Description

On this private walking tour of Venice, you’ll cover the area of the Jewish Quarter and then continue in the area of the Rialto bridge and the famed fish and fruit market which has been there for one thousand years (since 1097!) (Note: closed on Sunday and Monday). You’ll learn the story of Marco Polo and his great trip to China along with other Venetian legends as you discover the area of St. John and St. Paul, stroll through St. Marks and discover hidden gems like the famous Aqua Alta bookshop overflowing with books, and the beautiful Scala del Bovolo. Pass by Mozart’s house, the Fenice opera house and finish the tour by the Grand Canal with a view of the Peggy Guggenheim museum.

It’s possible to add a glass blowing demonstration to this tour on the main island, if you don’t want to visit the glass blowing island of Murano (see below).

Artisans, Craftsmen & Food History Tour

Tour Details

  • This tour is €95/hour and can last for 4-5 hours
  • Choose to add: €40 per person for Bacaro food & wine tastings or you can decide to pay as you go
  • Choose to add: €60 at silk textile workshop up to 4 people, €15 per every additional person after 4 people
  • Choose to add: Have an in depth conversation with an oar maker (€70) or stop by for a quick look for free

Alternatives and Additions

  • Possible mask making demonstration: €80 (also available is a 3 hour mask making workshop)
  • €40 per person for a 1.5 hour boat rowing lesson in the canals (this is not available without the tour)
  • It’s also possible to go out to Murano Island for a glass blowing demonstration (see also the full Island lagoon tour below). Consider €100 addition for private transportation out to Murano and back)

Tour description

This tour will take you into the backstreets of Venice, away from the crowds and into the spaces where real Venetian artisans live, work, and eat! Visit a Renaissance textile workshop, watch as fabrics and tapestries are woven on original 17th century looms, enter a glassblowing studio to witness how renowned Venetian glass is made, and marvel at woodworkers crafting bespoke gondolas perfectly balanced for each gondolier. As you hop from intimate workspaces to bustling markets and hole in the wall eateries, you will learn the history of Venetian cuisine and experience the city from an insider’s perspective. Peek into one of the more historic mask makers shops and learn the history behind Venice’s Carnevale traditions.

Exploring Venetian artisanal goods is bound to work up an appetite. Stop for some small bites at a local Venetian “bacaro.” What is a bacaro, you ask? These little traditional bars dotted around the city have just one or two tables in a small setting, so they naturally become places of meeting as well as eating. Enjoy a glass of wine and numerous little, delicious bites called “cicchetti” (similar in style to Spanish tapas) while learning the origins of the recipes and the history of the food that tells the story of Venice herself. This tour, led by a food historian, is a serious study of culinary traditions, as well as an enlightening (and tasty!) highlight. The tour will conclude with lunch or aperitivo at one or more bacari.

Venetian Sunset Tour with Boat

Discover Venice at its most breathtaking as the sun begins to set over the canals. There are many opportunities to customise this tour to include more time on a boat, to have more food stops or to even learn to row a boat yourself on the Venetian canals. Write to us to customise your tour!

Tour Details

  • €550 for 4 hour guided tour, 1 hour of which is with a private water taxi to see Venice from the water
  • Suggested times: 4:30 or 5pm-8:30pm or 9pm
  • Possibility to add a rowing lesson in small boats on the canal to this tour. This lesson takes 1.5 hours and costs €40 per person
  • Costs of cicchetti tastes or wine along the way are additional and can be paid on location (usually about €10-€15 per person per stop. The amount of stops will depend on how we organise the tour and what you decide with your guide.
  • It’s possible to adapt this tour to a late afternoon, evening tour of the Venetian islands of Murano and even Burano. Please write for details so we can customise this longer option for you!

Tour Description

As the sun fades, the heat diminishes and the crowds begin to disperse, begin your exploration of some of Venice’s beautiful off the beaten track neighbourhoods. You’ll have a chance to stop for a bite here or there at a bacaro (a traditional Florentine aperitivo bar) to try cicchetti, the ever changing and inventive tapas-style bites paired with a glass of wine.

This tour can start or end with a one hour cruise on a private wooden boat so you can thoroughly enjoy seeing Venice from the water.

In this city on water, boats are the replacement for cars and you’ll see individuals and families jumping in and out of their own boats to get across town. If you’d like to see what it takes to be a Venetian local, try your hand at learning to row your own boat in the Venetian canal! (details on the left).

Venetian Lagoon Tour

Glass blowing on Murano, A secret Venetian Vineyard on Mazzorbo, lace making on Colourful Burano and Venetian origins on Torcello. This tour can be done taking a few water taxis or you can hire a private boat for the day.

Tour details

  • €570 for guide
    • Boat/Transportation options
    • €280 for water taxis in between islands
    • €550 for a Bragozzo for the day (traditional wooden boat)
    • €950 for private boat (up to 12 people) for the day (7 hours)
  • This tour could also be done in the evening, stopping for dinner in Burano after the crowds have gone before returning to Venice at night. Please write for further details.

Tour Description

Venice is an incredible island, every corner is a hidden surprise, every bridge is a postcard… but sometimes the entire island can be really crowded and the best way to avoid it is … going for a relaxing boat ride in the Venetian Lagoon! This is a day trip that is worth the trip to Venice alone, it is the best way to relax and see what’s off the beaten track!

First, take a boat ride to the Island of Murano, famous for its glass blowing workshops where you’ll be able to visit one of the oldest a glass blowing factories on the island for a demonstration. Murano is also home to the Basilica of Saint Mary and Saint Donatus – an ancient Basilica with a spectacular 12th century mosaic floor and an altar said to contain the bones of a dragon!

Mazzorbo island is an off the beaten track gem, home to a unique vineyard which fights for survival against the tides for 2 months of the year. You’ll discover a few secrets of the incredible wine of the lagoon and visit a local vegetable garden that supplies the famed Rialto market.

And lastly, one of the highlights of the day will be the island of Burano. This island Is a paradise for photographers with its brightly colored houses reflected in the water of the canals. Locals sit beside their front doors, creating delicate lace, ready to hand out cookies to visitors! A must visit for anyone coming to Venice.

Passing the ancient Island of Torcello – the oldest island on the lagoon, known for Earnest Hemingway’s visit there – there’s even a chance to spot flamingo’s in the Venetia lagoon before returning to the mainland.

Tours Outside of Venice

Write us for details on tours outside of Venice. This can include:

  • Prosecco Tour
  • Castle, wine & Cheese Tour
  • Dolomites tour
  • Countryside Cooking Class
  • Verona & Amarone Wine Tour
  • Padova Tour