We want to help you discover one of the most beautiful corners of Italy that is far undervisited. Whether you are staying the Tuscan Coast Area to really get to know this part of Italy or coming in for a day trip from Florence, we’ll work with you to create the best itinerary for you!

Pricing: Driver pricing in the tours below is calculated from Florence unless otherwise indicated. If you are staying elsewhere, this could affect the driving cost so when you write, just let me know where you are so I can give you accurate pricing for your group.

Drivers: A minivan seats 8 people. If you are in a group of more than 8, let me know and I can give you accurate pricing for your group.

For more ideas about what to see and do in the area without your guide, check out our blog posts about what to visit in Florence & Tuscany.

Pisa & The Leaning Tower Half Day Tour

A visit to Pisa is often inspired by the architectural wonder of the leaning tower, but the city has so much more to offer its visitors than this singular attraction. A city of artists, scientists and merchants, Pisa was a powerful maritime Republic that rivaled Florence in its prime. On this half day tour, you’ll not only experience history as you climb the leaning tower, you’ll get a taste of real Tuscan life in this university town on the Arno river.

Tour details:

  • We can meet you at your hotel in Pisa, at the train station, or arrange a private driver (additional cost) to pick you up in Florence/surroundings
  • Start times (recommended): 9:00am or 2:30pm
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: €200 for guide + €25 per adult tickets (€18 kids 10 and under)
  • Ticket Costs Additional: €25 is the total ticket price for adults 11 years old and above (€18 for the tower + €7 for baptistry/camposanto). €18 is the total ticket price for children 10 and under (€18 for the tower + free entry to baptistry/camposanto). Entrance to the Cathedral is free for all.

Suggested Full Day Options

  • Combine your tour with a transfer. Going from Florence to Cinque Terre? Get picked up with all your bags, head to Pisa for your tour, then get dropped off in Cinque Terre!
  • Combine with a food & market tour of Livorno in the morning before exploring Pisa in the afternoon and ending at a rooftop at sunset
  • Combine a half day in Pisa with a visit to the walled Renaissance city of Lucca
  • Head to the coastal retreat of Livorno or Castiglioncello to have lunch on the water and swim in the sea
  • Stop at the town of Vinci on the way back to Florence to visit the museums dedicated to the town’s most famous resident: Leonardo

Tour Description

Begin with a stroll through the medieval streets where the contradictions begin: you’ll see a massive street art mural by Keith Haring, the delicate church “Santa Maria della Spina” perched on the banks of the Arno river and the house where Galileo was born not far from where he’d later perform his gravitational experiments. Medieval porticoes and churches contrast with the bustle of Pisans shopping at casual outdoor markets in the morning or heading for aperitivo with friends in the evening.

You’ll always find students in the Square of the Knights with its famous university founded by Napoleon and the tower of Count Ugolino, mentioned in the furthest reaches of hell in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Numerous Popes, Galileo, the 20th century physicist Enrico Fermi and even singer Andrea Bocelli received their educations in Pisa. This square speaks to the Academic tradition of thinkers and scholars that have made Pisa a center of innovation for centuries. 

No visit to Pisa is complete without a thorough exploration of the Square of Miracles. The grand cathedral is a magnificent example of the perfection and grandeur of Romanesque architecture. If we time our entry to the baptistry just right, you’ll hear the ethereal echo effect of singing voices before visiting the tomb of the great scientist Fibonacci in the monumental Camposanto cemetery full of beautiful statues and frescoes. (This is also the location of the famous swinging lamp that inspired Galileo’s experiments.) Last, but certainly not least, you’ll learn the secrets and circumstances behind how the tower of Pisa got its lean and how engineers have worked for centuries to maintain it before climbing its 297 steps for a spectacular view over the Square of Miracles.

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Pisa, Vinci & Winery Full Day Experience

Spend the morning exploring Pisa, a bustling university town, birthplace of Galileo, and of course the location of the famous Leaning Tower before heading to a winery in the afternoon where you’ll do a full wine tasting in Chianti. There’s even time for a stroll through the charming town of Vinci, birthplace of Leonardo.

Tour details:

  • Half day guided tour with licensed guide + driver service to countryside winery + tasting
  • Suggested start time: 9:00am
  • Starting place: Florence, Pisa or Surroundings
  • Price: €650 (for guided tour plus full day minivan) + €50 per adult for tickets/winery (€18 for kids 10 and under)
  • Ticket Cost breakdown: €25 per adult winery + €25 is the total ticket price for adults 11 years old and above (€18 for the tower + €7 for baptistry/camposanto). €18 is the total ticket price for children 10 and under (€18 for the tower + free entry to baptistry/camposanto). Entrance to the Cathedral is free for all.

Customisation Options

If you’d prefer to skip the winery, you could also spend a half day in Vinci visiting the museums dedicated to Leonardo, the house where he was born and surrounding hiking trails. For more information on Vinci check out my blog post here.

Tour Description:

Either meet your guide directly in Pisa to begin your walking tour of the city or get picked up by minivan in Florence or surroundings to start off your day. You’ll explore the highlights of Pisa, climb the leaning tower and learn about the life and discoveries of Galileo (explained in more details in the half day Pisa tour above) before heading out with your driver to a winery in the countryside near Vinci, birthplace of Leonardo.

Enjoy a full tour of a winery including a tour of the vineyards, cellar, and a guided tasting of wines before heading into Vinci for a stroll through the town where Leonardo grew up and which would inspire much of his art and life philosophy.

This is a great option for those staying in Florence who want to take a day trip into the Pisa/Chianti area.

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Livorno History, Food & Market Tour

Livorno and Pisa are two Tuscan coast cities that have been rivals for centuries and on this tour you’ll get to know both of them, exploring the Venice district and medieval fortress of Livorno along with the historic central market where you’ll taste the best local foods. Then head to Pisa for a tour of the square of Miracles and leaning tower, ending on a rooftop at sunset.

Tour Details

  • Starting Point Livorno (driver service from Florence, Pisa, surroundings, available)
  • 4 hour guided tour
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Start time: 9:00am (morning only)
  • Price: €150 for guide + €25 per person for tastings

Combination Suggestions

  • Morning Livorno tour + Half day guided tour of Pisa in the afternoon. Cost: €750 for guide & driver+ €50 per adult for tickets & tastings / €35 kids

Tour Description

Livorno was designed with the Renaissance concept of an “ideal city” with a great fortress built by the Medici that can still be seen today and canals for the merchant vessels now known as “the Venice district.” For centuries it was a wealthy port city that rivalled Pisa and which was characterised by freedom: freedom of religion and freedom from many shipping taxes. On this tour, you’ll discover some of the history of Livorno, birthplace of Mascagni and Modigliani while taking a truly off the beaten track food tour.

Start with a breakfast on the canals before diving into the 19th century central market which remains one of the most beautiful in Tuscany and completely without the tourist crowds. Here you’ll try prosciutto, cheeses, and olive oil. Then follow in the footsteps of Stanley Tucci as you try the famous sandwich before heading to one of the famed casual eateries on the water to enjoy a hot, crunchy, fritto di mare paired with a refreshing glass of wine. If you have any room left, stop for a stroll on the Terrazza Mascagni’s checkerboard terrace overlooking the sea. You certainly won’t need lunch after these tasting stops!

Then jump into the car and make your way to Pisa to do a tour of Livorno’s great rival city and climb the leaning tower (description in first tour on this page). End the day relaxing at a rooftop bar with a beautiful view over Pisa at sunset.

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Pisa or Livorno & Tuscan Seaside Relax

You’ve got your whole trip planned and you realised between Rome, Naples and Florence, you don’t have a chance to swim in the Mediterranean! Well why not combine a half day guided tour of Pisa or a history and food tour of Livorno (see descriptions above) with an excursion to the Tuscan coast to enjoy seafood at a local restaurant and take a dip in the sea before heading back to Florence? This is the perfect tour for someone who might be staying inland (either in Florence, Chianti or elsewhere in Tuscany) who wants to visit Pisa and the coast but doesn’t have enough time to stay in the area for a few days.

Tour Details

  • Half Day guided tour with a guide and full day with a minivan (so you can store your swimsuit, snacks, change of clothes in the van)
  • Your tour will be 3-3.5 hours and the time at the seaside 3-3.5 hours
  • Price: €650 for guide + driver (half day with guide, full day with driver) tickets or tastings additional depending on where you go (Pisa or Livorno).
  • Ticket Costs for Pisa: Cost of entry tickets are to be paid to your guide at the time of the tour: €25 is the total ticket price for adults 11 years old and above (€18 for the tower + €7 for baptistry/camposanto). €18 is the total ticket price for children 10 and under (€18 for the tower + free entry to baptistry/camposanto). Entrance to the Cathedral is free for all.
  • Tasting costs Livorno: about €25 per person

Tour Description

Many visitors to Tuscany think Cinque Terre is their closest coastline but to miss out on the beautiful waters near Livorno would be a waste. The beaches just south of Livorno offer beautiful waters and the opportunity to relax with a plate of seafood and a swim before you return to Florence. This tour works best for those being picked up in Florence by minivan so you can store everything you need for the afternoon in the van during the morning tour. Enjoy the history and sightseeing of Pisa with your guide or let us take you around our favourite Livorno food stops before you head out with the driver to a relaxed local restaurant on the sea. Bring a towel and a book, swim, read, rent canoes, snorkel. This is a truly off the beaten track experience where you’ll only find locals and the waves. Then head back to Florence.

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Wine Tasting in Bolgheri: The birthplace of Super Tuscans

Bolgheri is the birthplace of Super Tuscans – the unconventional Italian wine that conquered the world and now is some of the most famous wine produced in the country. Join our sommelier driver for a visit to two wineries in the area and lunch.

Tour Details

  • Suggested starting point: Pisa area
  • Full day with sommelier / driver
  • Price: €550 for sommelier/driver + cost of tastings at wineries (see estimates below)
  • Estimated tasting costs: You will visit two wineries and tasting costs can range from €20 per winery to over €100 per winery. We’ll talk about what kind of experience you’d like to have when planning this tour together.
  • Cost of lunch additional: from €20-€50 per person, depending on what you order/where you’d like to go

Tour Description

On this full day tour of the Bolgheri area, you’ll get picked up by your sommelier driver and guide for a full day exploring the coastal area of Bolgheri and their world-famous wines. Tuscany was known for Chianti but in the 80s, wine producers started experimenting in the area of Bolgheri with French varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cab Franc, Merlot, and Petit Verdot, creating blends that fell outside the Italian wine regulation system but which wine drinkers loved.

The wineries you visit on this day are up to you. You can visit some of the big names in the Bolgheri area (where visits/tastings are €80-€100 per person) or some of the less well known (but no less delicious) producers where visits are €20 per person.

You’ll also get a chance to visit the town of Bolgheri itself, located at the end of the longest cypress lined road in Italy.

Interested in more wine tours? Check out the wine tours we offer around Italy on our Wine Club & Tours page.

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Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is known for its beautiful coastline, colourful towns, and incredible hiking trails. Sometimes called the Amalfi Coast of Liguria, any visit here is an unforgettable experience. I often hear from people who want to visit Cinque Terre for a day from Florence and while this is possible I advise against it as you’ll spend more time in the car than actually enjoying the area.

My suggestion would be to make use of a driver who can transfer you to Cinque Terre perhaps stopping in Pisa for a tour along the way or at a winery so you can make the most of the drive over there. Then try to stay a night or two in the area if you can so you can explore more of the towns.

The best way to organise a Cinque Terre excursion is to talk about your plans. It’s a unique and beautiful place and one size certainly doesn’t fit all. If I have an idea of how many days you have available and what your interest is (hiking, tasting wine, best photos, boat experiences) then I can put together the suggestion that works best for you.

Consider a full day with a driver from Pisa (1 hour from Florence by train) would be €550 for the driver.

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