It looks like travel is opening up again in Italy and although we are a little bit nervous about what these changes will bring, we are also so excited to start welcoming our guests back for private guided tours across Italy (or with me & Luca personally in Florence/Tuscany) and we can’t wait to start talking to our guests about planning their Italy trips. So, with this in mind, we are starting a series of blog posts and YouTube videos called “Where to Stay in…” and we couldn’t be more thrilled to start with a truly amazing and off the beaten track place in a remote corner of Chianti Classico called Fietri. We are also collaborating with them for our “Uncork Italy” wine newsletter (more on their wines below).

Note: Photos are from our visit in March and April, 2021.

Fietri Agriturismo is for:

  • Nature lovers
  • Italian wine lovers
  • People with pets
  • Families or groups of friends
  • Those who want to get off the beaten track and immerse themselves in the quiet, natural beauty and forests of Tuscany
  • Those who most likely have a car (If you are interested in transfers and driver services, however, let me know!)

The medieval town of Fietri

Fietri is a medieval “borgo” or village that, like so many of these tiny, isolated towns in Italy, was slowly becoming abandoned over the last century. It still has a population of a couple people but when the property was bought in 1939 by a family from Rome, they brought new life to Fietri. They planted vineyards in the surrounding hills and turned some of the larger Tuscan villas nearby into apartments for guests who are looking for an escape from the usual tourist destinations.

Now, Fietri is a little bit isolated, but that is part of its charm (and we’re still talking like 20-30 minute drives from other sites so it’s not THAT isolated). The closest thing to visit is the radio tower on the tallest peak in the forest (it supplies Corsica) that has a general store and hotel for the maintenance workers who come to take care of the radio tower once a week.

Amazing Chianti Classico Wines

One of the highlights of Fietri would also have to be the wines and the wine maker. Walter is the enologist who has spent the last few decades dedicating his time to creating some truly exceptional wines at Fietri with unbelievable prices (honestly, I think they will be raising in the next few years). Chianti Classico, a Chianti Riserva, a fresh San Giovese based rosé, a sparkling and a delicious chardonnay/viognier mix, among others.

Fietri is going to be one of the first wines we are featuring in our wine Newsletter over at Uncork Italy. We’ll be describing the wine, and featuring videos of Walter talking about the wine from the soil up. I really can’t tell you how excited I am for this new project so follow the link to sign up for the newsletter and learn more about Uncork Italy.

Trying Fietri’s really fresh, tasty white “Hic et Nunc”!

If you’d like to include a visit to Fietri on one of our wine tour excursions and get the chance to meet Walter himself, let us know!

The apartments

There are four apartments in Fietri, each with two or three bedrooms (so each sleeping 5-6 people). It’s really the perfect place to get away from it all with family (there is a pool!) or with a group of friends.

What to visit nearby

Siena is a 45 minutes drive away.

The Street of the Castles or “Strada dei Castelli” is 20-30 minutes drive away. Yes, there is a street of castles!. These include: Castello di Cacchiano, Castello di Meleto, Castello di Castagnoli, Castello di Montegrossi, L’Abbazia di Coltibuono,

Gaiole in Chianti, One of the famous Chianti Classico towns, is a 25 minutes drive away.

Montepulciano, Montalcino & The Val D’Orcia are about an hour’s drive away. Read my blog post here for an introduction to this region.

Planning Your trip

Instead of taking a fast train between Rome and Florence, why not rent a car (or hire a driver with us if you don’t like the idea of driving in Italy!) and stop in Fietri on your way between Rome and Florence. Write to Lauren to start talking about how to make the most of your trip and get off the beaten track to more places like this.

Book your stay with Fietri

Check out Fietri’s site (button below) to book with them directly!

*Note on reviews: I am always on the look out for more places that I can recommend to Unlock Italy guests that might be booking a tour with me or Luca or working with me to plan their Italy trips. If you know a great place you think I’d like, send me an email! If you own a place in Italy that you’d like me to review, feel free to contact me. I only review places I truly love and that I think will be a good fit for Unlock Italy guests.